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MAXIMUM Yacht / Caravan antenne LTE

Bil-Bt-Camping / Antenner til Bobil - Camping
Antenner / Antenner til bt
Modellbetegnelse MDA-110
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kr. 1 195,-


MDA-110 Lte Ready camping antenna

Active outdoor antenna for FM/VHF/UHF reception.

The MDA-110 is designed for boat and camping use. The omni-directional digital terrestrial reception capability
provides the convenience for users to install the antenna. With state-of-the-art low noise amplifier technology
and circuitry, the MDA-110 can provide better reception.

Package Content:
Antenna, various screws, two mounts (yacht/caravan mount + chassis for top of caravan), 12 V PSU,
3 m coaxial cable, power inserter (12-24V DC IN to 5V DC OUT).


Can also be used for DAB and FM
Designed for reception of digital VHF/UHF terrestrial TV channels
Manufactured in strong plastic which is resistant to UV sunlight and salt corrosion
Max. wind speed 130 km/h (36 m/s)
PSU is included

Frequency area
470-790 MHz
47-240 MHz
17 dB +/- 3dB
21 dB +/- 3 dB
Power supply
5 V DC from TV/receiver or from 5V DC power inserter
Power supply unit
Mains input
230 V AC / 12 V DC
Wind loading
Max. wind speed
130 km/h (36 m/s)

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