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Naval Båtantenne TV-AM-FM Digital

Antenner / Antenner til båt
Merke Naval
Modellbetegnelse Nargentus
Tilgjengelige   Fjernlager 1-2 dager leveringstid

kr. 6 990,-


Nargentus is an digital omni-directional, wideband TV-AM-FM
receiving antenna (0.1 - 890 MHz) for marine use, especially on
crafts equipped with one or two radio and T\/ sets; e.g. on coasters
in limited international trade, fishing-boats, tugs, pilot service and
rescue cruisers.
Nargentus is a newly designed low profile antenna, utilizing a
low-noise amplifier powered via the coaxial cable.
High efficiency suppression filters prevent interference from
VHF telephone and AIS transmitters.
The antenna’s exterior is made of composite light-weight
material in white finish which requires no maintenance.
All inner parts are embedded in polyurethane foam to
protect the antenna from vibrations and water and it is
tested by Det Norske Veritas.
Connections, bolts and antenna
elements are made of stainless
acidproof steel.
The advantages of Nargentus compared to an
ordinary Yagi antenna are
• Rigid, non-corrodible, maintenance-free
• Small dimensions, easy to mount
• Omni-receiving, no adjustments
The amplifier increases the sensitivity of the
system as well as compensates for cablelosses
in the antenna downlead.
The circuitry is protected against static charge.
Nargentus is delivered with 25 metres of 75
ohms low loss double shielded coaxial cable

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