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HDMI-HDMI Halogenfri 6M High Speed 1.4, avtagbar plugg.

Audio-Video Tilbehør / HDMI-kabler
Modellbetegnelse HDMI-HDMI Halogenfri 6M
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Supra Halogenfrie kabler bruker ECCOH 5995 standard.
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SUPRA´s HDMI cables are made with SUPRA HF100 which is an impedance stable cable, suitable for longer installation runs.

This new version of SUPRA HDMI connector is made in metal, and is very easy to attach/detach.
There is a plastic moulding over the soldered part that fits exactly in the metal housing.
(See pictures to the left.)
Two versions are provided with all of these HDMI interconnects. One is bent, one is straight:
use the one that fits your setup best.
1. Can you pull this connector through a conduit pipe?
2a. All parts are easily detachable.
2b. These are the parts of the dis-assembled connector.
2c. The soldered part is overmoulded for protection.
3. Nylon braid is used as an aid to pull the cable through the   conduit. Fasten the braid to the pulling tool with a knot.
4. Picture showing how much space there is left in the pipe.
5. As you can see, despite the sharply bent pipe, the cable    got through, effortlessly.
6. Assembled cable and connector ready for use. 
SUPRA´s HDMI cables are made with SUPRA HF100 which is an impedance stable cable, suitable for longer installation runs.
The cable supports resolution for HDTV 1080p up to 15m.
HF100 is also certified for the HDMI standard v1.3.
SUPRA´s HDMI-HDMI is a high quality ’single link’ HDMI cable, designed for digital video and audio in longer runs. The cable is terminated with over moulded HDMI-Connector at both ends or as an HDMI to DVI-D cable. It is a ’single link’ cable. The gold plating on the pins is 0.8 micro metre thick for long life reliable connection. Both DVI and HDMI are suitable for Video transfer. DVI is only for Video signal whereas HDMI transfers both Audio and Video. 
10,200,000,000 bits/sec Full HD Digital Video and Audio in one tiny cable...
How is that possible?
With the HDMI v1.3 standard, specifying full HD with billions
of colours and full 24bit 192kHz 5:1 audio, you will need about 10.2 Gb/s streaming capacity. A lot of bits!
As you can imagine, no ordinary cable will do the job.
SUPRA HF100 is tested and approved in compliance with the latest test provisions v1.3c by HDMI´s Accredited Testing Center in the USA. A secure quality guarantee of our HDMI cables.
The bandwidth in the HF100 (used in all of our HDMI/DVI
cables) is 600MHz, almost twice the spec of HDMI v1.3 (340MHz).
There are some interesting cables out there claiming to
do the job but only a few are actually approved for it.
SUPRA HDMI is a safe choice.
Colour Flicker and Colour Cast?
SUPRA´s HDMI cable can transfer the finest details from your DVD to TV.
If you use a cable of poor quality, it causes colour flicker and colour cast and sometimes no picture at all. Something to consider.

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